How to Bulk Edit Multiple Files (Property Matrix) | Unreal Engine

How to edit multiple files properties at once

If you need to bulk edit and change the properties of multiple files at once, there is a useful tool in Unreal Engine that many people are not aware of.

The Property Matrix tool in Unreal Engine is a powerful tool for simultaneously viewing and editing the properties of multiple objects.

It is essentially a spreadsheet-like interface that allows developers to quickly and easily view and modify the various properties of objects in their game or application.

How to use the Property Matrix Tool?

  • Select the assets in the Content Browser that you want to change.
  • Right click and select “Asset Actions → Bulk Edit via Property Matrix

Bulk Edit via Property Matrix in Unreal Engine

This will open a table with dropdown menus on the right-hand side, containing all the properties that you can modify. By turning a property on or off, you can apply the change to all the selected files at once. For example, if you want to turn off the ‘sRGB’ property for all the selected texture files, you can do so quickly and easily using the Property Matrix tool.

To change a property, simply select the files from the table that you want to modify and make the necessary changes.

Additionally, you can access more properties by opening the dropdown menus in the Display tab.

For example: Texture, Import Settings, Adjustments, Compression, Level of Details and Compositing.

However, it’s important to note that the Property Matrix only displays shared variables of the asset type you are looking at. If you select files of different types, the list of properties may be empty. So, it’s best to only select files of one type when using this tool.”

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