How to Apply Transform Permanently in UE5 (Bake Rotation Scale)

Are you tired of changing the rotation and scale of the same object in Unreal Engine?

Would you love to apply those transformations and bake in the rotation and scale to a static mesh?

If so, today is your lucky day. Keep reading to find out how!

How to permanently resize and rotate a Static Mesh in Unreal Engine

The first step to apply transform in Unreal Engine is to enter Modeling Mode (SHIFT+5) and select “BakeRS” in the Transform section.

This tool applies the current rotation and/or scaling of the selected Static Mesh into the actual mesh transformation. When you press the ‘Accept‘ blue button, the rotation values of the object will become 0 on all axes. The scale values will become 1 on all axes.

Look at the Transform section in the Details Panel to see the changes once you’ve applied the transformation.

Bake Rotation

When ‘Bake Rotation’ is enabled, the current rotation of the selected static mesh will be applied to the main asset. If you only want to apply the scale, uncheck it.

Bake Scale

Here you have 3 options to bake the scale in Unreal Engine:

  • Bake Full Scale: Bake all scale information, so the component has scale of 1 on all axes.
  • Bake Nonuniform Scale: Bake the non-uniform scale, so the component has a uniform scale.
  • Do Not Bake Scale: Select this option if you only want to bake rotation.

Recenter Pivot

If ‘Recenter pivot‘ is turned on, the pivot point position will shift to the center of the object after the transform is baked. Uncheck it to keep the pivot point in its current position.

Apply Transform

Warning: This Tool will Modify the selected Static Mesh Assets! If you do not wish to modify the original Assets, please make copies in the Content Browser first! However, if you make a mistake and want to undo the bake, press CTRL+Z.

I hope you found the information here useful and you learned how to bake rotation and scale in Unreal Engine 5.

Happy creating!

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