Environment Light Mixer in Unreal Engine (One Click Lighting)

The Environment Light Mixer is a lighting tool in Unreal Engine that allows you to easily and quickly adjust how the environment appears in your project by creating, controlling, and organizing the lighting.

This includes the Sky Light, Atmosphere Light, Sky Atmosphere, Volumetric Cloud and Height Fog.

It’s a useful tool for game designers and artists because you can adjust all of these elements in one window and choose how much detail you want to work with.

How to Light a Level using the Environment Light Mixer?

To see firsthand how this tool works, I recommend creating a new empty level.

If you don’t know how to do it, first read the lesson on Levels in Unreal Engine.

In the Main Menu, select Window and then ‘Env. Light Mixer,‘ and a new tab will open.

Now, click on all five ‘create‘ buttons to set up basic lighting for your map. Alternatively, just click the ones you need.

Environment Light Mixer in Unreal Engine

Controlling the lighting

The level will be completely illuminated once the lights have been created.

This tool is useful because it allows you to adjust all of the environment lights in one place rather than going through each light individually in the details panel.

You can also specify how many different light options you want to see in the window. The default view is ‘Minimal‘, but you can change it to ‘Normal‘ or ‘Normal+Advanced‘ for more control over the lights.

How to control environment lights

Read the Official Documentation to learn more.

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