Unreal Engine: Understanding Event BeginPlay for Beginners

What is Event Begin Play?

The Event BeginPlay Blueprint node is a fundamental node used in nearly every Unreal Engine game.

This is a simple Event Node with only one output pin that will be executed when the game starts.

For example, when a game starts in Unreal Engine, the Event Begin Play node is the first one to be triggered.

Unreal Engine Event Begin Play Blueprint

How to do Multiple Actions on Event BeginPlay?

As mentioned before, the Event BeginPlay node has a single output pin.

And within an Event Graph, there can only be one Event BeginPlay node. You won’t be able to create two of them.

As a result, if you need to connect it to multiple blueprints, you should think about adding a Sequence Blueprint Node after the Event BeginPlay node.

How to Use It for Game Development

This node is where the game’s initial state is established, such as creating the player character or configuring the game’s variables. Moreover, it can be used to initialize any AI logic or other gaming systems that require setup before the game begins.

Depending on the Blueprint, the Event Begin Play node will execute when the actor spawns or when it first starts existing in the game’s world.

Keep in mind that this node only triggers once. Therefore, it cannot be triggered again unless the actor respawns or the game is reset.

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